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The journey of the SPE PDPU SC started with a vision to mark the collaboration of the industry and the academia. Dr. Bhawanisingh Desai was one of the key members responsible for bringing SPE to PDPU as a student chapter in the year 2008. As Bhawani sir said, “It was in our favor having SPE Ahmedabad Chapter (now known as SPE India Section) in our region which brought us closer to our vision of having SPE Student Chapter in PDPU”. Initially it took time to convince the SPE Ahmedabad Chapter to grant the approval for having SPE at PDPU, but then in the year 2008, finally by the approval of Chanchal Dass, secretary, SPE India Section, PDPU became an official chapter of the SPE. Dr. Bhawanisingh. G. Desai believes that for any course at graduate level, chapters like SPE PDPU plays a vital role in upbringing the understanding and ability of the students to meet the world’s energy demand in a safe, sustainable manner. Initially SPE PDPU SC started with just 50 members which increased exponentially with the passing years to thousands in number. Active members of the SPE PDPU SC organized many events to help members connect with the well known oil and gas industrial personalities. The hard work and the vision of the members of the SPE PDPU SC brought it to this level which have received Golden standard and 3 consecutive Outstanding Student Chapter awards. We can proudly dedicate this successful student chapter to all the active members and the faculty advisor from the last 11 years. The Society of Petroleum Engineers is the largest individual-member organization serving managers, engineers, scientists and other professionals worldwide in the upstream segment of oil and gas industry. Society of Petroleum Engineers at Pandit Deendayal Petroleum University is vibrant and dynamic body of budding petroleum engineers and one of the few chapters to have bagged Outstanding Student Chapter award from SPE International. SPE PDPU Student Chapter aims to provide each affiliate with opportunities for personal and professional development through amalgamation of events around the year including distinguished lectures, workshops, soft skills development seminars and a plethora of contests with the vision of bridging the gap between industry-academia together for an overall professional growth of both student and the industry.


SPE PDPU Student Chapter has always aimed at imparting knowledge to its students. PDPU SPE Fest ‘19 saw intellectuals from National as well as International Universities crossing their paths towards more enhanced learning. We also appreciate unconventional thinking, and henceforth we welcome your extraordinary ideas that can make a considerable impact on the oil and gas sector. Our goal is to provide an environment where innovation and learning will go hand in hand with each other keeping a synergy between today’s need & tomorrow’s expectation. The events and competition of SPE PDPU Student Chapter are contemporary and is based on continuous interaction with renowned educationists & industry professionals.
Since its inception in 2007, SPE PDPU Student Chapter has established itself as an unsurpassed chapter among the others. Here at SPE PDPU, the central objective is to groom the students to be highly adaptive to the oil and gas industry as well as to be sensitive towards social responsibilities. The groundwork of our student chapter is rock solid, built over the pillars of academic infrastructure, faculty resources, industry-institute interactions and student development initiatives. We organise several activities and competitions which witness massive participation of young and intellectual minds all over the world and the presence of several stalwarts from the industry. It is my greatest privilege to be a part of this exuberant student chapter that always strives to be more and more successful.
As a founding member of SPE PDPU Student Chapter, I believe that the Chapter has continuously strived to uplift the members. Someone has rightly said, “A true professional is built with 85% of right attitude and 15% of technical skills” and SPE PDPU provides a podium to enhance the technical knowledge as well as inculcate soft skills. SPE PDPU Student Chapter groomed me as a professional and as a human being. It is an excellent platform to learn and the Chapter has grown significantly since its foundation. The ultimate goal of the chapter is to prepare its affiliates with overall development as the oil and gas industry is not just bound to the petroleum sector but it is inclusive of all the sectors.

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