Ms Yogini Lakhani


As the President of SPE PDPU Student Chapter, she believes in leading from the front. She continues working in her best attitude even when the going gets tough. The pride she takes in her work is truly inspiring. She has always overlooked the chapter’s activities from its conception to completion.


Mr Het Patel

Vice President

He is astronomically meticulous with his work and pays attention to the minute details. His graphic designing skills can leave anyone awestruck. His simplicity and ideas have helped the chapter to fuel its way to attaining the laurels. His positive perception towards every task has been learn worthy for everyone.


Mr Krupal Patel

Vice President

He has played a crucial role in chapter’s endeavours and it is hard to expound how integral he has been to the chapter. His ethics and punctuality towards his work is enviable. Apart from his decision-making skills, his managerial skills and commitment has earned him every ounce of reverence and has assisted the chapter in scaling new heights. His practical and optimistic approach has helped the chapter scale more preponderant heights.


Ms Rounak Jalali


SPE PDPU is delighted to have a secretary like her. She has always strived hard to maintain the endeavours and efficiency of SPE PDPU. She always believes that adaptability and compatibility are great traits that can help you get along with others. SPE PDPU will be forever grateful for her continuous efforts and dedication to make the student chapter reach greater heights.

Harsh Patel

Mr Harsh Patel


He always firmly believes that loyalty is a good quality to possess, making others trust you. His sympathetic attitude and courteous manner towards the members of the student chapter, has been vital for team spirit building. His efforts along with focused dedication towards SPE PDPU will always be remembered.


Ms Jhanvi Desai


Under her leadership and support SPE PDPU has reached to its pinnacle of success. She always resolves any issue with her undiminished smile. Her exceptional and innovative ideas has helped the student chapter grow to great heights. She is an inspiration to all the members of the committee for her predominant dedication.


Mr Parth Patel


He is known for his unique and creative skills for corporate relations team. Along with exceptional management skills, his decision making capability and commitment has always come to our rescue in the toughest of times. His way of approach is accountable, deligate and always empowered. His hard work and ethics towards SPE PDPU helped us to reach new benchmark.


Mr Anish Singhi

Membership Chairperson

His mighty dedication and innovative problem-solving skills has inspired many. He meticulously observes each aspect and gives great strength to the chapter. His true spirit makes him the best in his work. His ideology on working with the team makes him a good leader. He always believes in both hard and smart work are the roots of success.


Mr Jenishgiri Goswami

Membership Chairperson

His unwavering determination in maintaining the standards of the student chapter is impeccable. He always believes “victory is always possible for the person who refuses to stop fighting”. His words always inspire to work even harder. His analytical and ingenious methods glorify the chapter’s excellence.


Ms Kavya Patel

Communication Chairperson

She is always known for her tranquility. She has exponentially ameliorated the contacts and communication between the members, industries, and other universities across the world.  Through her perseverance and tenacity, the chapter has earned a zenith amount of success.


Mr Harjyot Singh

Communication Chairperson

He is well-known for his exclusive and creative skills in the communication team. His consoling attitude towards the members has allowed them to work hard as a team. He believes that adaptability and compatibility can help build strong influences with others. His colossal hard work has helped SPE to reach to a new benchmark towards success.


Mr Harsh Shah

Program Chairperson

His punctuality and dedication have made him what he is now. His organizing skills and commitment have always helped SPE in the scourge. His polite and calm nature has always led the members to handle typical situations. With his passion and guidance, SPE PDPU has developed a fantastic image across the country.


Mr Hirensinh Vaghela

Social Activity Chairperson

His exhilarating enthusiasm and determination towards his work have inspired the members of SPE PDPU. He has always believed that team spirit is a vital trait to achieve success. His compassion towards everyone has made him a profound member of SPE. Under his guidance, the members have learnt ample amount of traits to a great extent.