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Online Interactive Session with Dr. Nathan Meehan (President 2016, SPE International )

"Reservoir Characterization: Utilizing Formation Testers and New Trends in the Industry" by Ms. Shreya Singh (Reservoir Engineer, Schlumberger)

"Maximizing Sand Control Reliability in Open Hole Completion" by Mr. Samyak Jain (Sand Control Consultant, Dunefront Oil & Energy)

"Digitalisation in Oil and Gas industry" by Aniruddh Sahasrabuddhe (Head - Energy Practices, L&T Infotech)

"Data Science in Petroleum Industry" by Mr. Abhishek Patria (Reservoir Engineer, IRS)

"Formation Damage" by Mr Asish Thaplyal (General Manager , ONGC)

Interactive Session with University Seniors : Intern Talks

Interactive Session with University Seniors : Placement Talks