It is my honor to write this issue’s opening message. It has been my pleasure to work with the SPE PDEU Student Chapter for the last three years and stay involved with the chapter that gave me so many experiences and opportunities. As we end this academic year, I am incredibly proud to pass this baton to the next year committee and wish them a great journey ahead. The chapter has identified an ambitious set of goals focused on student’s success and betterment. I am thrilled to share that commitment and vision of the SPE PDEU Committee has always been remarkable and has helped the chapter in achieving new heights.

Guided by our collective goals and vision, powered by the contributions of passionate alumni and industry experts, and equipped with another energized academic leadership team, I am confident SPE PDEU has the tools and capabilities to help its members in setting benchmarks of success in this huge Oil and Gas Industry.

We have set the bar high with the enormous success of PDEU SPE Fest’19 and by organizing the 4th International Geothermal Conference. As we embark on this journey towards our next academic year, I look forward to the support and engagement of our alumni and friends and continue to be certain that “together, it’s possible”. This also helps us to replace possible misperceptions with an essential reality: we were good, we have been getting better and increasingly, we are among the best. Our awards and honors are measurements and milestones as we continue our efforts to achieve overall excellence. It is the excellence itself that we strive for, not the praise and publicity that it brings.

I feel proud to announce that the entire petroleum batch of 2016 is currently an active member of SPE. I wish everyone from SPT’16 batch a great success ahead in their professional career. Oil and Gas Industry is definitely going through a tough time but once the global economy stabilizes, the world will still need oil and gas to sustain development and growth. The industry has reinvented and dug itself out of many such situations and has always emerged as a global leader. I urge all the readers of this magazine to stay calm and safe through these challenging times. The hard times will make you more tough, capable and ultimately to shine like a diamond. Remember, “Diamond is a chunk of coal that did well under pressure”.

Last but most importantly, I would like to thank and wish my entire 4th-year committee (Anvesh, Bhavya, Dev, Dhruv, Harsh, Jignesh, Manna, Mehul, Mukund, Naitik, Sakal and Vasu) a great success ahead. I’m grateful to you all for being a part of this journey and working tirelessly for the success of the chapter.

 Imagine! Believe! Succeed!

PRESIDENT 2019-2020

Alumni Insight's

We are overjoyed to annunciate our weekly initiative ‘Alumni Insights’ that brings forward the apotheosised experience of our SPT alumni Network. This initiative aims at strengthening the alumni network among our students which will be advantageous in attaining knowledge about the current scenario in our industry.