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SPE PDPU Student Chapter will conduct its first ever virtual grand extravaganza: PDPU SPE Fest 2020. This virtual fest comprises of major events like paper presentation, technical quizzes and many other contests like distinguished guest lectures and workshops related to oil and gas industry.

This year, the 6th edition of the PDPU SPE Fest  Pioneering the Prospect, will be specially conducted online like never before. The fest will provide the participants with opportunities to showcase their skills and test their technical knowledge in oil and gas industry. It will help the students to gain more knowledge and enhance their professional skills. Many industrial experts across the world will connect and take part in this mega-event.

We are exultant to announce the panelists for the panel discussion on “Impact of COVID-19 on Oil and Gas Industry.”

The panel will be moderated by Dr. R.K Vij, Director, School of Petroleum Technology, PDPU. The event will see eminent personalities from the oil and gas industry discussing the future roadmap of the industry post the pandemic.

The event is open for everyone!

Join us to gain some invaluable insights!

Note: The link to the event will be emailed to the registered participants

We are enthralled to reveal that a workshop will be conducted on “Well Test Analysis using Python” during PSF20!

The workshop will be conducted by Mr. Divyanshu Vyas, Data Analytics Consultant at Dicelytics Pvt. Ltd.

This workshop will enable the participants to use this language in well testing analysis and assist them in understanding its importance in the industry.


We are delighted to unveil another scintillating event,

“Examen: Case Study Solving competition”

The participants will be provided with a case study based on a concurrent issue from the industry with some statistics for them to work upon to find a suitable solution. The teams would be judged upon their solutions, their approach to the problem, and the application of their understanding as well as the feasibility of the solution.

Exciting rewards await the victors of this intriguing event.

We are ebullient to escort you to another event:

“Bid Your Block: Virtual Block Bidding competition”

The competition will be conducted in two rounds. The preliminary round is a general quiz based on basic technical knowledge. The winners will be qualified for the second round, block bidding, which will again be held online during PSF20.

Note: Only registered participants of PSF20 will be allowed to appear in the quiz.

Deadline for registration: 12 Noon, 4th November 2020

Be ready to go the extra mile and win exciting prizes!

The chapter is exultant to announce another event of PSF’20:

Feud-a-Nation: Dispute Solving Competition

Feud-a-Nation is an event consisting of 2 stages. Teams qualifying in the preliminary round would get a chance to participate in the debate competition wherein different oil & gas companies come together and draft a viable solution.

Deadline to fill the questionnaire: 11:59 PM, 4th November 2020

Catechize aims to render an impeccable podium to students from all over the world to participate for testing their knowledge about the petroleum and chemical industry as well as to further enhance it. The competition will be conducted in two rounds. The preliminary round will go live on 28th October 2020, from 12:01 PM to 11:59 PM (IST). The top scorers will qualify for the second round, which will be held during PSF20.

The competition is held in association with Myswots.

As a part of PSF20, we are exhilarated to bring to you for the first time:

“Chemfluence: Equipment Design Competition”

Students from around the globe will come together and compete against each other to display exemplary skills and quench their thirst for knowledge in chemistry. The competition will be conducted in two rounds. The preliminary round, which is a general quiz based on the chemical realm, will go live on 31st October 2020, from 12:01 AM to 11:59 PM. The winners will qualify for the second round which involves solving a case study and presenting its solution in the final round which will again be held online during PSF20.

Be ready to go the extra mile and win exciting prizes!

Showcase: Paper Presentation Competition is the flagship event where aspirants will not only put forward their prodigious insights about the petroleum industry but will also be exposed to a gamut of information which will aid them as budding engineers. The triumphants of the fair competition stand a chance to win exciting prizes!

Submit your abstract!

Note: No abstract(s) submission other than on our link will be accepted


Note: Kindly Tap on the Events for more Details.

SPE PDPU exhibits the way for you to be an eminent part of a historical affair. We are elated to announce the registration of Campus Ambassadors of the first-ever virtual edition of PDPU SPE Fest 2020, giving rise to the golden opportunity of being a part of an exceptional spectacle.

Kindly Contact Us at Below details to apply as External Campus Ambassador and Become a part of India’s First Ever Virtual Fest.

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