Apotheosis: Model Making Competition

Showcase: Paper and Poster Presentation Competition

Exegesis: Well log Interpretation Competition

Bid Your Block: Bidding Competition

Examen: Case Study Solving Competition

Conundrum: Crossword Puzzle Solving Competition

Mud-O-Gee: Drilling Fluid Preparation Competition

Catechize: International Quiz Competition

Geolog: Geology Competition

Panel Discussion


 Workshop on Production optmization using Artificial Lift


Networking Night
Gala Night

Quid Pro Quo: Spot Trading Competition



"Best part from the testimonial below"

“SPE PDPU chapter has the best team who are courteous and work with utmost dedication. With various events being organised, they keep students from other colleges updated about the same. Every activity is meticulously planned and executed with the volunteers who do maintain top notch hospitality. Relentless support from the members of the chapter is what I genuinely felt happy about.”

Farhan, Presidency University

“PDPU SPE FEST 2019 was an appreciable effort towards improving SPE community in the world. Till now we have been through a number of fests, and this one was the most applicable fest we have ever had. All of the competitors' performances were really good, and we gathered a lot of inspiration from them. We must mention that we are impressed with the organizers' hard work.We are particularly grateful to PDPU. I had an unforgettable time in PDPU. PDPU SPE FEST 2019 was an opportunity for us to grow and refine our knowledge & skills. Glad to have this prestigious opportunity of learning and meeting great people of PDPU.”

Faisal, SUST

“I enjoyed the PSF19 fest very much; interesting talks, nice participants and the wonderful places like PDPU. It was very fruitful and amazing time for me. I do appreciate your painstaking work for the organization and engagement of the conference, and needless to say, your Greek hospitality! It would be nice to see this interdisciplinary symposium growing steadily. And I’m happy to see that there will be another psf fest in 2020. I wish you a very good luck.”

Daniyal, Dhaneesh Ahmed College of Engineering

“Pdpu has not only given me a chance to show my skills but also has given me an amazing experience about the industry.... Moreover making new connections was fun... Let it be the people, place or the events conducted....the amount of learning was huge and we had a wonderful time..... And I definitely hope to see such events soon.....kudos 🙌🏻.”

Utkarsha, Presidency university
Secretory SEG PU